Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekly Agenda 3.13-3.17

MONDAY/TUESDAY (Testing Block)
Things Carried, “Speaking of Courage”
-review quotations and questions
Synthesis Packet Prep.
--the purpose of the prompt
--generating a response to the prompt
--begin source review
Continued Tuesday
--relationship between sources
--sample claims
--sample body paragraphs
---practice paragraphs
1st Period -TESTING
HW for AM: read all sources and determine if they defend, challenge, or qualify the prompt.
HW for 1st: make sure you have your Things Carried (homemade) worksheet, and your response to the synthesis question.

M/C for “Night Life”
Synthesis Packet Prep
HW Reading for MONDAY
Read “Notes” through “Field Trip”

THURSDAY (Th/F Testing Block)
AM-Synthesis Timed Writing
1st Synthesis Packet Prep
2nd half of the block: Timed Writing

AM Begin movie