Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekly Agenda 2.13-2.17

Dear America documentary
HW Things Ch1 Passage Analysis and M/C, for WED

“Love” Questions, Conversations on the page.
Read “Spin” -add to conversations, turn in
HW Read “Rainy River for FRIDAY

Review Passage Analysis and Conversations
Background on the War
-exit ticket
HW Review Sample Argument Essays online

Timed Writing

Review "Love" and "Spin"
-concepts of memoir and vignettes in writing
-"truth of war"
HW READ "Enemies" and "Friends" and "How to Tell a True War Story"
-write a paragraph, due Tuesday, about why O'Brien uses "shifting narrators" to tell the "true story."

“Rainy River” Worksheet
-annotations: romanticism versus realism; heroism vs cowardice

Define ambiguity and ambivalence and apathy
HW Read “Enemies” and “Friends”for MONDAY;
AND, read and mark up poem: “Dulce Et Decorum Est”

AND, Reading Journal #6: Independent Letters A1, A2, +2 others due next WEDNESDAY