Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekly Agenda 5.9-5.13

The Great Gatsby

Review Synthesis,
-final questions regarding AP

GG Hair Check Ch 1-3
-review Chapter 3
“Chapter 2: …”within and without…” quotation
-s/m/t chart

AP Language TEST
Azad-Kahn-Rodriquez T201
Safai-Zolkin T203
Report for exam at 7am, bring blue or black ink pens, and a pencil.

Later that excerpts from several GG movies.

Then and Now Assignment
Laptop research, sign up for presentations

Review Chapter 4
-quotation analysis/color wheel
-vocabulary list

Female voice
-Gwendolyn Brooks
-Dorothy Parker

HW Work on Critical Annotation for Then and Now

Read Chapter 5 and 6 for MONDAY; Hair Check WEDNESDAY