Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekly Agenda 5.2-5.5

LINK: GATSBY Reading Schedule/ MARGINALIA Handout

WEEK 2: 5.2-5.6
Review Shared Annotations for
“The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot

Student Facilitated Share
-share key annotations from your assignment, turn in
Chapter 2 by Thursday, May 5th
Chapter 3 by Monday, May 9th

Review AP Essays

Review Gatsby, Chapter 1
(see Marginalia Musts)
American Dream and the Individual
-location (see map)
-color wheel

Connect story/plot, imagery back to “The Waste Land”
HW Read and Grow Post-It Hair (in your book!)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekly Agenda 4.25-4.29

The Great Gatsby
Reading Schedule
WEEK 1: ELA Testing

Chapter 1 by Monday, May 2nd
Chapter 2 by Thursday, May 5th
Chapter 3 by Monday, May 9th
Chapter 4 by Thursday, May 12th
Chapters 5-6 by Monday, May 16th
Chapter 7 by Thursday, May 19th
Chapter 8 by Monday, May 24th
Chapter 9 by Thursday, May 26th

Completed Color Symbolism Graphic Organizer due March 26th
Gatsby Timed Essay May 31st-June 2nd
-timed outline required
“The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot


Log in to and check out the rubric for your capital punishment essay.
-what kind of obvious revisions can you make
-do you need help to improve even more, ask me
-every revision should include a revised, printed essay with highlighted improvements/changes AND the essay with rubric score and comments.

M/C Review
AP Practice

“The Waste Land” Assignment, DUE MAY 2nd


Work on “The Waste Land” Assignment
-use laptops to access sources and to
-set up format for annotations
HW READ GATSBY, Chapter 1 for Monday, May 2nd

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekly Agenda 4.18-4.22


Finish Discussion
-"Where Worlds Collide"

Lost in Translation
-review I and C of OPTIC

AP Practice
-Synthesis Review
-Best Practices Outline
  • JOURNAL #08. AP Full Practice: Rewrite 5pts

Pick up GG

Review Synthesis Packet
-take notes
-create working thesis and outline

Travel Journal and Pamphlet due!
-Gallery Walk

Synthesis Essay
HW READ Gatsby, Chapter 1, and write 3-level Questions for MONDAY.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekly Agenda 4.11-4.15

Travel, Food, and Culture

Finish Reading Film Notes

Watch “Lost in Translation”

Read and mark up with shared annotations, Iyer’s “Where Worlds Collide”

-finish "Lost in Translation" and OPTIC

Check OPTIC for completion

Read and annotate "Salt" excerpt from ethnography

Read and annotate Jim Haynes piece

HW Pamphlet and Journal due next TUESDAY.

Synthesis Packet
-reviewing sources and prompt
-Activism Tourism
HW Prepare for Synthesis Timed Writing on MONDAY.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Travel, Food, and Culture Pamphlet and Journal

The travel pamphlet is a foldable advertisement which includes highlights of a specific destination.  The travel journal is like a diary; wherein, you are required to have several entries on daily experiences, local cuisine recipes, and local images of tourist attractions.  Both items are about the same place but are written in different styles for different audiences.  The pamphlet is for the general public, the journal is for "you."  The pamphlet should be inserted into the journal.

In the following weeks we are going to read pieces by Pico Iyer, watch Lost in Translation, and "visit" different locales through writing and photography.

TRAVEL PROJECT-one destination, past, present, future
Pamphlet (10pts):  tri-folded brochure, which advertises the highlights of a vacation to your destination.  Includes tourist hotspots, recommended daily schedule, and/or itinerary.  What to pack; What music will complement; Best places to stay; What to eat; Challenges, etc.  Consider a themed vacation around music, art, coffee, eco-awareness, etc.

JOURNAL (20pts): multiple paged authentic looking journal, which contains approximately 6-10 pages.  Minimally contains

  • 3-4 entries about your travels to this destination
  • 1 favorite meal/food recipe
  • 1 entry describing a place where cultures collide
  • 1 image, preferably hand drawn or photograph
  • not mandatory, but might be nice: scrap book items, doodles, food you didn't like

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Weekly Agenda 4.4-4.8

NY TIMES Travel Section
-General introduction to writing about travel
-Travel Journal and Pamphlet Assignment
--due Friday (for Gallery Walk) April 15th.

Movie Permission Slips, Due FRIDAY

Pico Iyer's "Why We Travel"
-look up allusions, complete an “in the margins” glossary entry on a noteworthy device for share credit.
HW Work on Travel Project

Travel Images: OPTIC review

Informative Writing:  Marnie Hanel's "The Octopus War"
-read and annotate
-write a piece about a type of food or a destination keeping in mind the bullets about sensory writing
-self-grade, present FRIDAY

Turn in permission slips
Movie: "Lost in Translation"
HW Culminating FINAL will be a synthesis essay on many of the essays, articles, and excerpts we have been reading.  Please keep all of your papers in pristine condition with thorough annotations.