Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekly Agenda 1.11-1.15

Oratory, Argument, and the Art of Rhetoric

Review MLK “Letter from ...Jail”  

Literary Terms: Features of Repetition-notes

Review W-H-Y glossary entry format

Learned Hand “ I am an American…”
-#2a graphic W-H-Y (just like the one you did for 1a)
-2b-glossary entry on a repetition device

JFK-”Inaugural Address”  1961
-3a Terms Handout
3b- Glossary Entry on your choice
HW due FRIDAY, 2a-b and 3a-b

-IAB (Interim Assessment Block)

Review JFK

Read LBJs “Address to the Nation” 1968
-DIDLS marginalia

HW Bring McGRaw Hill Reader for TUESDAY