Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Agenda 1.19-1.22

Oratory, Argument, and the Art of Rhetoric

Journal #4b: Read Stanton’s “Declaration of Sentiments” and answer questions and complete multiple choice

Review #4
HW Review Sam Lieth’s article on Obama’s Oratory, compete GRP (Guided Reading Practice)

LINK to Obama's Speech:
Choose one from the following speeches:

March 2008 A More Perfect Union
March 2015 Address on the 50th Anniversary of the Selma, Alabama March
January 2016 On Reducing Gun Violence and Making Our Communities Safer

For those of you who will be absent on Friday, Jan 22, please print out pdf of speech, mark it up for terms and style that Leith mentions; We will complete the 2nd GRP on MONDAY.

Group Work (teacher assigned)
-read and annotate an assigned Obama speech
-complete GRP
-create poster for graphic organizer
HW Finish Reading Speech, marking it up, and imagining an ideal graphic organizer on the GRP.  Remember, all organizers should identify the WHAT-HOW-WHY aspects of the speech.

HW Read Chapters 1-5 of Billy Budd
-annotate each page with shared notations
-circle and define unknown vocabulary
-write a short summary
-create 3-level questions