Saturday, January 30, 2016

Billy Budd Reading Schedule

Chap. 1-5 due Wednesday, Feb 3rd
Chap.  6-9 due Monday, Feb 8th
Chap. 10-15 due Friday, Feb 12th
Chap. 16-19 due Wednesday, Feb 17th
Chap. 20-23 due Monday, Feb 22nd
Chap. 24-30 due Friday, Feb 26th

For each reading, and every chapter, you are expected to complete Chapter Annotations:
  • Summary: write a short summary, which emphasizes the major actions and characterizations.
  • 3-Level Questions: create a factual, an inferential, and a critical question for each chapter.  Though you do not need to answer them, it is helpful to have an answer in mind when you share them aloud.
  • Annotations:
  • circle all or most of the words you might need to define, define 1-3 per chapter.
  • underline confusing passages, parts that you could use some clarification on.
  • square passages you feel comfortable explaining to someone, if necessary.  
  • write marginalia containing authentic reader reactions with punctuation, text-speak, and insightful comments.  Make connections to other knowledge you might have.  Comment on things that frustrate you or make predictions about what might come next.
  • Identify and analyze figurative language; answer what purpose it might serve the author in conveying a specific idea.