Sunday, October 18, 2015

Weekly Agenda 10.19-10.23

Conventions of Argumentation

Return "Creativity Class" Argument Timed Writing
-common errors

-Boys in the Boat "Epigraph" Essay
--understanding the edits, and rubric.
--opportunities to improve

Attending Wednesday Tutorial

HW Watch and Prepare for tomorrow's Assembly
Preparation for Tuesday Assembly
-Artist's Statement:
-Follow Up Article:
-Assignment: OPTIC

ASSEMBLY: Ndume Olatushani speaks about his experiences on death row, and how art helped him overcome the systemic racism within the criminal justice system.

Epigraph Essay: Review comments and grading on
JOURNAL ENTRY #6: Rewrite 1 paragraph, of your choice, from your timed writing on a "Creativity Class;" AND, complete the 4 square grid on the grading criteria -make sure to include evidence from your essay.

Review Questions for Bennett
-look at argument essay outline, plot his argument on the outline

Logic: Formal versus Toulmin

Appeals: Pathos, Ethos, Logos


40s-50s: History of HUAC, witch hunt, McCarthy, etc.  Arthur Miller Background
HW READING JOURNAL ENTRY #____: Finish answering questions to "Why I Wrote the Crucible;" 
AND, READING JOURNAL ENTRY #____: Independent Reading Book Letters Format

-Puritan background/Salem

Witch Hunt Journal Entry
Letter to Bennett Journal Entry
Fallacy Glossary Entry Journal Entry

Conventions of Argument Quiz

Digital Annotations Presentation Project