Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekly Agenda 9.8-9.12

Back-to-School Week: Tues-full; Wed-late start; Thurs-Min; Friday-Full

Share out OPTIC conclusion from "torch-bearer" photograph from 1936 Berlin Olympics
-Practice with new image: Jesse Owens
--pair compare

Share excerpts from #2: Letters Entry on "How to Mark a Book"
-report total Reading Journal Score for 1 and 2, out of 10pts

Introduce "WHAT-->HOW-->WHY" graphic organizer
HW FIND 2-3 more sources for research topic

JOURNAL #3: WHAT/HOW/WHY columns for "The Art of Rowing"
-close-reading analysis
--how does Brown achieve his effect

The Boys in the Boat Epigraph Assignment
-small groups
--reread assigned chapter, note key events, identify rhetorical strategies, analyze how Pocock's quotation illuminates themes from the chapter and the book as a whole.
HW Type 2-3 page Epigraph Analysis Assignment, MLA, for THURSDAY.
AND, have 5-7 diverse sources for research paper assignment next week.