Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekly Agenda 9.15-9.18

The Boys in the Boat

Check What-How-Why Prewriting
-partner check-in

Review recommended essay format.

Create Working Thesis

Rubric (Close-Reading):
Organization-Student adheres to and includes basic paragraph requirements, such as, topic sentence, contextual information for evidence, integrated evidence (direct quotations with in-text citations, some paraphrasing),.  Paragraph is cohesive: uses transitions to clarify relationships between ideas.

Development/Language-Student develops ideas with a progression of ideas/analysis toward a clear conclusion.  All evidence is appropriate and thoroughly explained; (if necessary, please refer to T.A.C formula).  Strong topic/focus is followed up by thoughtful conclusion.
Students employ precise vocabulary and varied syntax while supporting their focus.

Grammar/Mechanics-Students type their paragraphs in accordance with MLA format requirement.  Students adhere to conventions of written English.

MLA; Include Works Citation, even if one entry.

Review Paraphrase versus Summary versus Analysis

LINK: Model Essay Paragraph Sample
-in-text quotations, embedding punctuation
HW Bring Drafts for peer editing Thursday;
AND, more importantly, Upload Essay to by Thursday evening.  
AND, bring McGraw Hill Reader for FRIDAY

Peer Edit Checklist

GoW Intercalary Chapter
-close-reading: DIDLS
-apply to Boys
READING JOURNAL #4: Note stylistic elements of Steinbeck's chapter;
HW BRING Sources for Research Assignment


Read Steinbeck's "Americans and the Land"
-Add to Reading Journal #4: SOAPSTone
-Add questions on pp671: Comp #1,2; Rhet. #1,2,6; Write #1 (1-3 Paragraphs)

Possible History lesson) 1936 Olympics

Introduce Research Assignment: Due Date Oct 2nd
-Formal Outline
-Annotated Bibliography
-Works Citation
HW Complete Annotated Bibliography for Thursday, Sept 24th for credit.

Outline Requirements

-AP ESSAY: ARGUMENT practice and timed writing