Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekly Agenda 8.31-9.4

The Boys in the Boat

Share out topics and justification/reason

Review and record unifying elements (aka: theme), structure, characterization, and motifs
-refer back to your list of characters

Group Workshop on Footnotes and Endnotes
-clarify summary versus paraphrase
-what is meant by bibliographic or content/explanatory?

HW Consider the following "still" from Leni Riefenstahl's "Olympia;" 

Describe what you see in the still.   Be prepared to share on FRIDAY.
AND, Bring in a printed article related to your topic (1-3 pages, clear format, easy to summarize, easy to print).

Works Citation Practice: Mark your article for the following:

  • author/credentials
  • scope of work
  • potential readership
  • bias
  • comparison of source to other source or prior knowledge
GET Mcgraw-Hill Reader
O.P.T.IC.: for analyzing images: 1936 Berlin Olympics: Torch-Bearer

SAVE FOR TUESDAY: Graphic Organizer: WHAT-->HOW-->WHY
SAVE FOR TUESDAY: Close-Reading Analysis: p 40: the art of rowing.
-in groups of 2-3, identify "how" the passage achieves the effects of rowing in a way that the reader understands it on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

HW due FRIDAY: Acquire 1-2 more sources on your topic and complete a typed-MLA works citation and annotation on one to turn in on MONDAY.
HW due TUESDAY: -Reading Journal Entry #2: "How to Mark a Book"
--share entry