Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Reading Journal #1: The Boys in the Boat; Complete A1 and A2, and 2 other options.
-self grade guide
HW For tomorrow, prepare some comments about the overall structure of the book; as well as, record evidence for comments on Brown's style and its effect.

Share Journal #1 excerpts
-improve, compare

Focus on overall structure of the book; what stylistic elements improve the narration (see A2)

Locate language associated with the race, narration and suspense built up around crew races.
-Quaker Share

What motifs seem evident in the text in terms of the various strands of narration: Joe's story, Wash. U. Crew team, Overseas?
HW For Monday, isolate a potential research historical research topic that might stem from the book (dustbowl, great crash, WWII, Hitler, Olympics, etc), and write an explanation about what interests you about the specific topic.  

OPTIC -visual image/art/cartoon/photo analysis
Annotated Bibliography-researching and creating citations