Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekly Agenda 8.31-9.4

The Boys in the Boat

Share out topics and justification/reason

Review and record unifying elements (aka: theme), structure, characterization, and motifs
-refer back to your list of characters

Group Workshop on Footnotes and Endnotes
-clarify summary versus paraphrase
-what is meant by bibliographic or content/explanatory?

HW Consider the following "still" from Leni Riefenstahl's "Olympia;" 

Describe what you see in the still.   Be prepared to share on FRIDAY.
AND, Bring in a printed article related to your topic (1-3 pages, clear format, easy to summarize, easy to print).

Works Citation Practice: Mark your article for the following:

  • author/credentials
  • scope of work
  • potential readership
  • bias
  • comparison of source to other source or prior knowledge
GET Mcgraw-Hill Reader
O.P.T.IC.: for analyzing images: 1936 Berlin Olympics: Torch-Bearer

SAVE FOR TUESDAY: Graphic Organizer: WHAT-->HOW-->WHY
SAVE FOR TUESDAY: Close-Reading Analysis: p 40: the art of rowing.
-in groups of 2-3, identify "how" the passage achieves the effects of rowing in a way that the reader understands it on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

HW due FRIDAY: Acquire 1-2 more sources on your topic and complete a typed-MLA works citation and annotation on one to turn in on MONDAY.
HW due TUESDAY: -Reading Journal Entry #2: "How to Mark a Book"
--share entry

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Reading Journal #1: The Boys in the Boat; Complete A1 and A2, and 2 other options.
-self grade guide
HW For tomorrow, prepare some comments about the overall structure of the book; as well as, record evidence for comments on Brown's style and its effect.

Share Journal #1 excerpts
-improve, compare

Focus on overall structure of the book; what stylistic elements improve the narration (see A2)

Locate language associated with the race, narration and suspense built up around crew races.
-Quaker Share

What motifs seem evident in the text in terms of the various strands of narration: Joe's story, Wash. U. Crew team, Overseas?
HW For Monday, isolate a potential research historical research topic that might stem from the book (dustbowl, great crash, WWII, Hitler, Olympics, etc), and write an explanation about what interests you about the specific topic.  

OPTIC -visual image/art/cartoon/photo analysis
Annotated Bibliography-researching and creating citations 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Welcome! 8.24-8.25 Information

Welcome Back to School for the 2015-2016 year!

This is where you will find information for weekly agenda and homework assignments. Last week we practiced 3-levels of questions with our school summer reading book, Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline.  We also looked at defining vocabulary within context, and symbolism.

HW Due: Course Outline Signatures
We will continue working with Ready Player One by identifying and defining more vocabulary within the context of the text;
as well as, by tracing the symbolism of Halliday's "Easter Egg," we will generate a pathway to one of Cline's critical themes using a "symbol-motif-theme" chart.

Next, we will create a t-graph, wherein, we collect evidence from the text, and make connections to our personal lives, popular culture, and other books we have read.
Finally, we will explore the "Glossary Entry" with literary devices from Ready Player One.

HW due WEDNESDAY: Bring your Single Subject Spiral or Composition Book dedicated as your READING JOURNAL.  BRING Boys in the Boat, as well.
AND, create a user profile and log into my class:

Class Id #: 10460101
Password: Stevens (case sensitive)

Then, email me your password with the email you used to create your account.