Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekly Agenda 5.26-5.29

The Things They Carried

Read "In the Field" as a class and determine the What, How, and Why of O'Brien's repeated recreation of Kiowa's Death.

JOURNAL #16: After reading criticism about the role of women in The Things They Carried, choose a passage in which O'Brien employs a female character to convey the men's feelings about the war.

JOURNAL ARE DUE THURSDAY!!  Any and all late work is due THURSDAY!

Graded Discussion: Whip around closing analysis of the text.  Imagine you are sitting with a bunch of adult who have read The Things They Carried. They ask you "What did you think of the book?"  How will you respond?  You can choose to focus on literary or historical aspects by using a specific chapter or chapters from the text as support.

Return books

Group review of Independent Book.

FINAL on THURSDAY (unless, you schedule an alternative time beforehand)