Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekly Agenda 1.12-1.16

Billy Budd, Sailor

LINK: Independent Reading List (Book Talk next week)

Self-grade annotations chapters 2-5
-review summary and 3rd level questions
-review vocabulary

HW Journal #1: Read McGraw Hill p 85: Mencken and answer Comp 1-3, Rhet. 5,6, and Write 1. AND, read King essay, prepare to share.
STUDY vocabulary 1-9 for matching quiz on TUESDAY.
HW See reading schedule

2-corner Debate
-pros and cons of capital punishment
-organize and identify argument to appeal to pathos, ethos, logos

MLK's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail"  Read silently and respond to questions

Finish t-graph preparation for debate; isolate strongest arguments

Review Chapters 6-9: Work with a partner on Chapter Review Questions
-focus on analysis of Captain Vere: what key language describes his personality.
JOURNAL #2: Answer  Discussion #3, Rhetoric #2,3,6,7, and, Writing #2; identify devices (antithesis, analogy, balance, etc) and summarize his argument.

Continue Reading BB
Vocab matching quiz, CH 1-9
2-Corner Debate
Thomas Paine "Rights of Man" excerpt and Rhetorical Box
Argument Essay Assignment
Movie Permission slip signatures