Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Short Unit: Travel, Food, and Culture

For the short time we have left until finals and the end of the semester, I would like to complete a mini-unit on topics related to Travel, Food, and Culture.

Two of the assignments are ones that might require some brainstorming: the travel pamphlet and travel journal.

The travel pamphlet is a foldable advertisement which includes highlights of a specific destination.  The travel journal is like a diary; wherein, you are required to have several entries on daily experiences, local cuisine recipes, and local images of tourist attractions.  Both items are about the same place but are written in different styles for different audiences.  The pamphlet is for the general public, the journal is for "you."  The pamphlet should be inserted into the journal.

Though you don't have a lot of homework from Lang. and Comp. this short Thanksgiving break, please do start to think about places you've traveled and places you wish to travel.

In the following weeks we are going to read pieces by Pico Iyer, watch Lost in Translation, and "visit" different locales through writing and photography.

TRAVEL PROJECT-one destination, past, present, future
Pamphlet (10pts):  tri-folded brochure, which advertises the highlights of a vacation to your destination.  Includes tourist hotspots, recommended daily schedule, and/or itinerary.  What to pack; What music will complement; Best places to stay; What to eat; Challenges, etc.  Consider a themed vacation around music, art, coffee, eco-awareness, etc.

JOURNAL (20pts): multiple paged authentic looking journal, which contains approximately 6-10 pages.  Minimally contains

  • 3-4 entries about your travels to this destination
  • 1 favorite meal/food recipe
  • 1 entry describing a place where cultures collide
  • 1 image, preferably hand drawn or photograph
  • not mandatory, but might be nice: scrap book items, doodles, food you didn't like