Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekly Agenda 10.6-10.10

Conventions in Argumentation

Practice with speeches:
-JFK's "Inaugural Address"
--identify common rhetorical devices
HW Continue to work on Outline, Gow Research due to by 11:59 on Wed, Oct 8th.

AP Rhetorical Writing
-Timed Essay for grade

Get The Crucible
-see reading schedule
Back to fallacies: review Ethical and Logical; review and practice warrant
HW Turn in GoW Research Project

According to Toulmin elements of argument, use his outline template to create a draft response to Bennett.  See worksheet.

Finish fallacies
Share draft responses
Create Cartoons to depict fallacies, post for Gallery Walk.
HW Complete a glossary entry on a logical or ethical; see back of Bennett response handout;

Test on Toulmin/Fallacies
Bridging from The Grapes of Wrath to The Crucible--historical precedent:
--1930s-1950s: what do they have in common; what is the role of government; how might one have led to the other in terms of laws that oppress; both are post-war, the effects?;  HUAC and the argument it makes against Americans; Red Scare, anti-Communism: UC forced to take loyalty oaths; Catholics, too; Taft-Hartly Act

Arthur Miller Background

-impetus to write book

Crucible Background
-Puritan background

Reading Schedule, Vocabulary, Guiding Questions, Letter to Bennett, Movie