Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weekly Agenda 10.27-10.31

The Crucible

House Principal Presentations/Survey

Act 3 Reading Quiz
Review Act 2
Digital Annotation Project, DUE via email TUESDAY, NOV 4th (see assignment sheet)
-presentation is not required, want In The News presentation credit, a separate category.
HW Read ACT 4 for FRIDAY; Dialogue Poem due THURSDAY (pushed back because of MONDAY schedule change)

Review "Sinners" piece
-share identified fallacies
-connect to Crucible
-read Cotton Mather excerpt as another example
--archaic language; dogmatic tone, scare tactic, etc.
Review Act 3
HW Vocabulary Quiz MONDAY; Continue Reading Crucible, and Independent

#13: Dialogue Poem Quaker Share
Continue Review ACT 3 and 4
-Journal Entry #14: Group Work-Witch Hunt in a High School Setting includes characterization, and dialogue.
Finish Film
Essential Questions for Culminating Socratic Seminar
HW (due next week RECAP)
MONDAY-VOCABULARY quiz; AND, #14 Witch Hunt script share out
TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY Presentations-DIGITAL ANNOTATIONS due to email: (must put "DIGITAL" in SUBJECT line)
WEDNESDAY-Conventions of Argumentation Quiz (study TOULMIN, study all FALLACIES)-format: m/c, concept circles, short answer, matching, fill in the blank
THURSDAY and FRIDAY-more digital presentations; culminating Seminar, and Rhetorical Timed Writing (#2)

NOTE for Teacher only: 
No Bennett letter this year, save argument letter format for other unit.