Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekly Agenda 9.29-10.3

Language Analysis
--end of grading period, 10.3--

Pair Share #8
-introduce/review appeals: ethos, pathos, logos; which ads do what? see ELMO
HW Bring McGraw Hill Reader all WEEK, definitely for TUESDAY.

Peer Edit Checklist Annotations
-credible source?

JOURNAL #9: Isolate most important quotation.
Read, in McGraw Hill, W.J. Bennett's "What Really Ails America:" p443.  In pairs respond to Comp #2,3; Rhetoric #6; Write #1.  SHARE OUT.
HW OUTLINE draft due FRIDAY; Entire GoW project due Oct 8th to

JOURNALS due: update table of contents, self-grade.

HANDOUT-Conventions of Argumentation:
-formal logic versus Toulmin (claim, data/reasons, warrant, rebuttal, counterargument)
-fallacies: Emotional, Logical, Ethical
How is Toulmin applicable to every day situations?

Apply new knowledge of fallacies to Bennett's essay.  What fallacies does he commit; which ones work to persuade his audience?

Pair WorK; see cartoon templates, create a cartoon that depicts a fallacy.  Post for Gallery Walk.

Get Books-The Crucible

Peer Review/Teacher Edit-OUTLINE.
HW Entire GoW project due Oct 8th to

-Glossary Entry on a fallacy; analysis of an ad, counterargument

Bridging from The Grapes of Wrath to The Crucible--historical precedent:
--1930s-1950s: what do they have in common; what is the role of government; how might one have led to the other in terms of laws that oppress; both are post-war, the effects?;  HUAC and the argument it makes against Americans; Red Scare, anti-Communism: UC forced to take loyalty oaths; Catholics, too; Taft-Hartly Act

Arthur Miller Background

-impetus to write book

Crucible Background
-Puritan background

Reading Schedule, Vocabulary, Guiding Questions, Letter to Bennett, Movie