Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekly Agenda 9.22-9.24, 9.26

Language Analysis

Outline Practice
Glossary Entry: persona
Rhetorical Box
-what, how, why
-how does the format move beyond SOAPSTone
Print AD Box
-choose magazine print ad
-brainstorm SOAPStone
-collect evidence for inside of box (bullets okay)
-draw conclusions for outside of box (complete sentences)
POSTERS: complete a clean, attractive Rhetorical Box on the magazine ad and present it to the class with your group.
UPDATE!! HW DUE MONDAy: Journal #8. Find a picture or visual source for your Research Topic and complete a rhetorical box on it; WORKS CITED due 9/24-WEDNESDAY; Check research annotations TUESDAY, 9/30. 
FINAL Research Project due Wednesday, October 8th to

continue working on Group Rhetorical Box, Poster-pesentation

Pair share #8
Bridging from The Grapes of Wrath to The Crucible
-historical precedent for each novel
--1930s-1950s: what do they have in common; what is the role of government; how might one have led to the other in terms of laws that oppress; both are post-war, the effects?;  HUAC and the argument it makes against Americans.

Arthur Miller Background