Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekly Agenda 9.29-10.3

Language Analysis
--end of grading period, 10.3--

Pair Share #8
-introduce/review appeals: ethos, pathos, logos; which ads do what? see ELMO
HW Bring McGraw Hill Reader all WEEK, definitely for TUESDAY.

Peer Edit Checklist Annotations
-credible source?

JOURNAL #9: Isolate most important quotation.
Read, in McGraw Hill, W.J. Bennett's "What Really Ails America:" p443.  In pairs respond to Comp #2,3; Rhetoric #6; Write #1.  SHARE OUT.
HW OUTLINE draft due FRIDAY; Entire GoW project due Oct 8th to

JOURNALS due: update table of contents, self-grade.

HANDOUT-Conventions of Argumentation:
-formal logic versus Toulmin (claim, data/reasons, warrant, rebuttal, counterargument)
-fallacies: Emotional, Logical, Ethical
How is Toulmin applicable to every day situations?

Apply new knowledge of fallacies to Bennett's essay.  What fallacies does he commit; which ones work to persuade his audience?

Pair WorK; see cartoon templates, create a cartoon that depicts a fallacy.  Post for Gallery Walk.

Get Books-The Crucible

Peer Review/Teacher Edit-OUTLINE.
HW Entire GoW project due Oct 8th to

-Glossary Entry on a fallacy; analysis of an ad, counterargument

Bridging from The Grapes of Wrath to The Crucible--historical precedent:
--1930s-1950s: what do they have in common; what is the role of government; how might one have led to the other in terms of laws that oppress; both are post-war, the effects?;  HUAC and the argument it makes against Americans; Red Scare, anti-Communism: UC forced to take loyalty oaths; Catholics, too; Taft-Hartly Act

Arthur Miller Background

-impetus to write book

Crucible Background
-Puritan background

Reading Schedule, Vocabulary, Guiding Questions, Letter to Bennett, Movie

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekly Agenda 9.22-9.24, 9.26

Language Analysis

Outline Practice
Glossary Entry: persona
Rhetorical Box
-what, how, why
-how does the format move beyond SOAPSTone
Print AD Box
-choose magazine print ad
-brainstorm SOAPStone
-collect evidence for inside of box (bullets okay)
-draw conclusions for outside of box (complete sentences)
POSTERS: complete a clean, attractive Rhetorical Box on the magazine ad and present it to the class with your group.
UPDATE!! HW DUE MONDAy: Journal #8. Find a picture or visual source for your Research Topic and complete a rhetorical box on it; WORKS CITED due 9/24-WEDNESDAY; Check research annotations TUESDAY, 9/30. 
FINAL Research Project due Wednesday, October 8th to

continue working on Group Rhetorical Box, Poster-pesentation

Pair share #8
Bridging from The Grapes of Wrath to The Crucible
-historical precedent for each novel
--1930s-1950s: what do they have in common; what is the role of government; how might one have led to the other in terms of laws that oppress; both are post-war, the effects?;  HUAC and the argument it makes against Americans.

Arthur Miller Background

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekly Agenda 9.8-9.12; 9.15-9.19

Group/Peer Editing -see checklist
Models -citing quotations, works cited page format (format, embedding, punctuation)
Notes: California historical significance of
  • Agri. Workers Influx
  • communism
  • socialism-Upton Sinclair, EPIC, FDR
  • Ham n. Eggs
  • Salinas Lettuce -McWilliams, Steinbeck
HW Bring McGraw Hill Reader WEDNESDAY.  Work on essay, due Sept. 17th

Focus in on specific chapters and style elements.
-answer three essential questions about humanism, socialism and unions.
Review Steinbeck Essay, credit for HW
-does Steinbeck use deductive or inductive logic?
HW FOR Thursday
Journal #6: In McGraw Hill Reader, read Steinbeck’s “Americans and the Land” and answer the following questions on p671:
Comp #1, 2
Rhet. #1, 2, 6
Write #1 (2-3 paragraphs)

AND, Prepare for Book Concepts Test on MONDAY: OPTIC image analysis and two short answer responses.

Steinbeck Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
Staple annotated speech to analysis
Review OPTIC elements, Review Socialism, Humanism, Unions
HW Essay due 17th; Book Test Monday.
Book Test: 1 OPTIC; 2 Short Answers
HW Bring essay drafts tomorrow.

Music -Woody Guthrie

Review Critical Annotations
Review primary and secondary sources
Creating a Works Cited
-create note cards with necessary citations.

Literary Devices
-review essentials, see word wall
-concept circles
-practice glossary entry
HW Essay due tonight by 11:59 to

GoW Research Project
  • numbering
-annotated bibliography
  • sources
-works cited page
  • format
Brainstorm Topics
Independent Reading List Book Talk, 500 pages due at the end of the semester.
HW For Friday, bring in topic and sources.
For Monday, attempt outline, print and bring in for editing.

Research Project Due Oct 1st to