Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly Agenda 9.2-9.5

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Quick Maxim Prompt analysis, turn in.
Self/Peer Edit Critical Annotations (In The News)
-turn in
Review definitions of humanism, socialism --connect to Jim Casey and over story
Review What, How, Why on the official Rhetorical Devices Flow Chart
Intercalary Chapter Analysis Assignment
-marking up the text
HW For Wednesday, bring marked up chapter -for credit.  In your assigned chapter you should mark for whats i.e. what devices does Steinbeck employ to convey the importance of the chapter?

see Dialectical Journal Format in Lang. and Comp. textbook (pp 43-44, class set)
For JOURNAL #5: create a true Dialectical Journal on your assigned intercalary chapter.  Your thoroughness will determine your success on the essay.
Group Share
HW Brainstorm thesis for your chapter.

See intercalary essay models, review requirements, features with class; break essay down into what, how, why.  Note structure of theses.
Group Share theses --improve.
HW For FRIDAY, Write introduction and one body paragraph, minimum.

Peer Editing
-identify What, How, Why
NOTES: CALIFORNIA short history as it relates to GoW
HW WORK ON ESSAY, due September 17th to; 50pts to Writing Category.