Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tennessee Williams Seminar

The Glass Menagerie and A Streetcar Named Desire

The Glass Menagerie
Read Scenes 1-4; 5-7
-focus on Expressionism and setting
-what is a “memory play”
-example of tableaux, define menagerie
-associations of glass

-The Mother
-Her Son
-Her Daughter
-The Gentleman Caller

-the glass menagerie: the unicorn
-the phonograph records
-the fire escape

A Streetcar Named Desire
Read Scenes 1-7; 6-11
-focus on New Orleans background
-old south versus new south
-setting”blues piano;”: colors, ethnicities

Allusions-->names, poker: seven card stud, Rosenkavalier, Varsouviana,  Barnum and Bailey, amusement parks

-Stanley Kowalski
-Stella Kowalski
-Blanche DuBois

-names, colors, setting,music
-language associated with the jungle
-the poker game
-lights, the lantern
-the locomotive
-Blanche’s baths