Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Agenda 2.18-2.21

The Great Gatsby/Travel, Food, and Culture

Happy Presidents' Day

Final day to work on
-essays (see peer edit checklist)
-graphic organizers
-preparing the Whip Around Statement
--what gives this book its longevity?  how is it inexplicably connected to the American psyche?
HW Final Gatsby Essays due to by 11:59pm tonight.

Turn in Worksheets and Graphic Organizers
Whip Around Statements
Return books to book room.
Prepare for Vocab Quiz


NY TIMES: Travel Section
-Michael Pollan
-Pico Iyer
Permission Slips
ASSIGNMENT: Travel Journal (separate from reading journal)
-due MARCH 10th
Minimum 6-10 pages (Creative Category)
--must include one favorite food recipe and explanation of how to make it
--an entry about a place you have visited 
--an entry describing a place where cultures collide
--one image, preferably hand drawn
Bonus: more than just stapled, this could be something that looks like it was carried with you on a trip.

McGraw Hill Reader: Amy Tan's "The Language of Discretion"

Define "Kulture" versus Culture
-working definition
Impressions of Food and Travel
-freewrite and quaker share

HW Iyer's "Why We Travel;" mark up, note allusions, complete two glossary entries

Travel Pamphlet; AP m/c; "Lost in Translation" and film OPTIC; Iyer's "Where Worlds Collide;" Jim Haynes' "Inviting the World to Dinner;" and synthesis style timed writing