Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekly Agenda 2.10-2.14

The Great Gatsby

More Chapter 7 discussion
Myrtle, Wilson, Tom foils
-movie excerpts
-how do movies fail the scene?

FLTs and Rubric
-editing for improved I&E, Organization, Style, G&M

Review Chapter 8
-more quotation analysis
HW Chapter 9 due Thursday; worksheets and graphic organizers due next Wednesday, 19th.

More quotation analysis
-practice with embedding quotations
-practice with transitional expressions

Final Discussion of the text.
-ending imagery
-practice marginalia read around
-quotation analysis
Work on Whip Around Final Statements, write on graphic org. and prepare to read next WED -every student must have an original statement regarding their reading and understanding of The Great Gatsby.
HW Bring SSR books tomorrow.

-independent reading books
-journal entry #_____7?
Optional Peer Edit
-quietly swap papers and edit (see checklist)
HW Final Drafts due to on TUESDAY by 11:59pm; worksheets, graphic organizers and final statements due WEDNESDAY in class.  Matching VOCAB quiz WEDNESDAY as well.