Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekly Agenda 1.27-1.31

The Great Gatsby

Excerpt from Parkinson's criticism: "Post-war mood"
Discuss Chapter 2: motifs, imagery, juxtaposition of Chapters 1 and 2-structural intent; Nick as narrator reflection
HW Read Chapter 3 for Tuesday.  

Movie Excerpts-Chapter 3, Gatsby's party
Discuss Chapter 3: color symbolism, social classes, The Jazz Age
Write a short analysis of Fitzgerald's comment about the Jazz Age (excerpted from The Jazz Age).
HW Read Chapter 4 for Thursday.  
JOURNAL #5: Independent Reading Format

SAVE: Hair Check
Define the American Dream
Discuss GG in the context of the "dream"
-expectations of wealth and prosperity
-effects on immigration/immigrants
-determinant of urban sprawl
--reflect on "the Valley of Ashes" symbolism; "The Waste Land," too

SAVE for two weeks  from now: Vocabulary Quiz
NEW LINK: Vocabulary and Analysis Worksheets
Analysis check: on a printed excerpt from Chapter 4, annotate so to convey your understanding of symbols, motif and theme.
Review and discuss Chapter 4: Analyze "There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired" (85).  Analyze the motif of careless driving.
HW Read Chapter 5 & 6 and write 3 level questions for each chapter, for MONDAY.