Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekly Agenda 1.21-1.24

The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hand back 2008 AP Practice M/C
-in groups of 3, come to a consensus as to what is the right answer and why
Turn in Works Cited Page on 10 allusions from Wasteland
-reading #1 (technically this should be your 2nd reading)
-reading #2: share allusions and annotations with class
HW See Reading Schedule, GG Chapter 1 due Thursday, along with graphic organizer
AND, for tomorrow: review Wasteland and highlight language that directly relates to blind world, social classes, romanticism, disillusionment, entropy, urbanization, industrialization, post-war (WWI) sentiments

Short background on WWI
LINK: Symbol/Motif/Theme Chart
Timed Writing Paragraph with Theme Statement as thesis
-follow Reading Journal Formats (see E and F), if necessary
-turn in at the end of class
HW See Reading Schedule: create post-it "hair."  Connections might include, but are not limited to

  • the wasteland
  • blindness
  • romanticism (the self)
  • hedonism
  • class division (racism, immigration, Am. Dream)
  • the frontier
  • facade
Challenge yourself by annotating for the following themes (many of which carry over from The Wasteland)
  • industrialization
  • post-war sentimentalism
  • entropy
  • The Secret Society
  • passage of time (structure of story; narrator)
Go above and beyond:
  • figurative language
  • characterization (facade)
  • humor
  • narrative mode
  • syntax and diction
  • what else you got??

F. Scott Biography and Times
-assign certain topics to individuals for In the News presentation credit for the following week
--Wall Street
--Western Expansion
--ex patriot writers
--race relations
--Black Sox
--Mobsters (Al Capone)
--Harlem Renaissance
--recommend a topic...
-LINK: Critical Annotations have to have one source, but may include more than one.  Presentations can be done in front of class with a In the News format, or via Power Point or Prezi.  Sign UP on the calendar!!

Review Chapter 1: narration, setting, and language (some fun colloquialisms of the time)
-what symbols jump out: imagery
-American Dream
--Valley of Ashes
--excerpt from The Jazz Age
Review GG Notes Handout
HW See Reading Schedule