Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekly Agenda 11.12.-11.15



Digital Presentations

BB Introduction
-Melville Bio
-Ship's visual and jargon
-Vocab list Chapter 1-9
HW Read BB and Complete Chapter Notes per the following requirements:
for every chapter read you must 
-write a summary of the chapter
-create 3-level questions for the chapter
-annotate completely
--underline unknown or confusing passages
--square passages you think you could explain to someone
--circle all unknown words (and look up the definitions, I dare you!)
--note commentary, insight and questions in the margin
--remark on diction, syntax (tropes and schemes) and characterization
Essential Question: How do we maintain legal exceptions and still maintain order?

Read through Historical timeline and chapter notes

On the continuum: Questions to plot

Chapters 1-5 Questions sheet, complete as you read
-practice the first couple together
-always record evidence with page numbers for each response
HW Read McGraw-Hill Mencken, p 85: answer Comp. #1-3, Rhet. #5 and 6, and Write #1, and read and the Coretta Scott King essay.    JOURNAL #____

Begin 2-corner debate t-graph
-pros and cons of capital punishment
-organize and identify arguments to appeal to pathos, ethos, logos

Characterization of Captain Vere
Rhetorical Analysis: allusion, synecdoche, metonymy
HW See Reading Schedule

BB Chapter Check: make sure you have all the required elements for HW credit.
Review BB
-langauge, plot, imagery, characterization

Argument Terms and Structure: packet
HW Prepare for 2-corner debate MONDAY
See Reading Schedule
Work on Reading Questions
Quiz on Vocabulary MONDAY