Monday, November 11, 2013

Billy Budd Reading Schedule

Read for
Wednesday, Nov 13th, Chapter 1
Thursday, Nov 14th, Chapters 2-5
Monday, Nov 18th, Chapters 6-9
Thursday, Nov 21st, Chapters 10-15
Monday, Nov 25th, Chapters 16-19
Monday, Dec 2nd, Chapters 20-23
Monday, Dec 9th, Chapters 24-30
 Read BB and Complete Chapter Notes per the following requirements:
for every chapter read you must 
-write a summary of the chapter
-create 3-level questions for the chapter
-annotate completely, which means you should
--underline unknown or confusing passages
--square passages you think you could explain to someone
--circle all unknown words (and look up the definitions, I dare you!)
--note commentary: insight and questions in the margin