Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekly Agenda 10.21-10.25

The Crucible 

-watch the movie version of the play
--connections to McCarthy
--comparisons to play
HW Digital Annotations Presentations begin tomorrow: final due the 30th.
And, Journal Entry #11: Creative Writing: Create a witch hunt that is set at SAMO, due Wednesday.

Digital Presentations

Excerpts from Salem Reader
-Dorcas Good; Cotton Mather; aftermath for characters
HW Bring McGraw Hill Reader tomorrow

Digital Presentations
Identify Fallacies of the Salem Witch Trials
Bennett Letter Assignment: due Nov. 8th to
-graphic organizer break down
Group Work on Graphic Organizer
-share devices and effects
HW finish graphic organizer
AND, Prepare answers to 3 seminar questions for MONDAY.

Digital Presentations
Witch Hunt Quaker Share

IF time, Excerpt from Good Night, and Good Luck
-how does Murrow identify flaws in McCarthy's claims

Bennett Response
-Toulmin Review
-graphic organizer
-set up outline to follow Toulmin

Conventions of Argumentation Quiz
30pts to Tests/Quizzes Category
-cover fallacies
-formal logic
--m/c; concept circles; short answer response; matching; fill-in the blank
Synthesis Timed Writing