Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekly Agenda 10.14-10.18


3-level Question Discussion
-reading through the appendix
-dramatic reading
-metaphoric language
HW Choose one important character, trace their development, or their influence on the plot; record key dialogue in either an open prose format; blank verse (iambic pentameter, no rhyme scheme) or, a unique rhyme scheme.  Adding some of your own language to make the poem "work" is okay, as long as it suits the character.
Anywhere from 10-20+ lines is appropriate.  
The language you choose should reflect appropriate characterization.

Digital Annotations assignment: 30pts to Writing Category
-examples: compare/contrast sources in a visual way on a topic relating to Miller's The Crucible
--prezi, powerpoint, graphic organizer, etc.
Due between 10.23-10.30 (please sign up for your presentation, In the News credit)

Tracing Motifs: hysteria

Share out Dialogue Poems: 10pts to Creative Projects Category
More Digital Annotations examples
Back to McCarthy
-after reading connections

Begin watching the Film
HW Choose topic and find potential sources for Annotations.  

Bennett Letter Response assignment: 25pts to Writing category
-student example
-due to Nov 4th

Journal Entry #10: Create your own witch hunt in a high school setting.  Approximately 1-2 pages.  If you do not have your journals back by this date, write on a separate sheet of paper to be inserted later.

Play Review Questions
-group conversations

Outlining an argument for Bennett letter.  
-counterargument, rebuttal, warrant, etc.

Conventions of Argumentation Quiz: 30pts to Tests/Quizzes Category
-cover fallacies
-formal logic
--m/c; concept circles; short answer response; matching; fill-in the blank