Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekly Agenda 5.28-6.11

4th period final is on June 6th.
5th period final is on June 10th.

The Great Gatsby


For the next 6 days we will immerse ourselves in analyzing the text.  Beyond simple reading, make sure you are creating lots of post it hair.  Connections may include, but are not limited to:

  • the wasteland
  • blindness
  • romanticism (the self)
  • hedonism
  • class division (racism, immigration, American Dream)
  • the frontier
  • facade
Challenge yourself:
  • industrialization
  • post-war sentimentalism
  • entropy
  • The Secret Society
  • passage of time (structure of story; narrator)
Go above and beyond:
  • figurative language
  • characterization (facade)
  • humor
  • narrative mode
  • syntax and diction
  • what else you got??
Two reading quizzes; daily participation (see below); final essay.

DON'T forget to log into and discuss your independent reading book, and log 350 pages with me before or on the final.

Reflection: final comparison of book to movie.