Friday, May 17, 2013

The Great Gatsby Reading Schedule

Ideally, you have completed your independent reading book and have tons of leisure time to read. Please prioritize Gatsby (he deserves it, poor fellow).

Chapter   1 for Thursday, May 23rd
Chapters 2-4 for Tuesday, May 28th
Chapters 5&6 for Wednesday, May 29th
Chapter   7 for Friday, May 31st
Chapter   8 for Monday, June 3rd
Chapter   9 for Tuesday, June 4th

You will be expected to participate in our seminar-style discussion at least 4 times over 9 days.  You can earn participation points by introducing, clarifying, elaborating, disagreeing, questioning, connecting, etc.  If you don't speak, I will have to assume that you haven't read; hence, you will not earn credit for something you did not do. One can always earn up to 1 extra credit point if they participate more than once on a given day.

4x5=20/20     Credit to Classwork Grade.