Sunday, April 14, 2013

UPDATED (WEDNESDAY) Weekly Agenda 4.15-4.19

AP Practice Week

AP Practice Test Returned:
-Review multiple choice
--reminder, types of Qs
Group Norming
-Review Synthesis, Argument, and Rhetoric Essays
--look at specific scoring guides
--read through samples, explanations and collegeboard notes
--read and grade essays (2 scores per essay if possible)
Individual Score Calculators
-input approx. totals and estimate an AP Lang. score
HW Read Ascher and Staples Essays, marginalia, complete m/c
AND, Parody Project due Thursday/Friday

...continue AP Practice norming
SAVE FOR NEXT WEEK: Ascher/Staples Timed Writing: rhetorical analysis
-Compare/Contrast "On Compassion" and "Just Walk on By: Black Men and Public Space"

Parody Project presentations
Return Their Eyes and get Things Carried
HW Go to the following site:

Look closely at the War Propaganda posters and watch Edwin Starr's "War" lyrics/music.
JOURNAL #18: Create a rhetorical box for one of the posters; AND, write an analysis that identifies Starr's argument.  Include evidence and a discussion of possible opposing views.