Sunday, April 28, 2013

THINGS CARRIED Reading Schedule

Ch 1       read by 4/29
Ch 2-4    read by 5/2
Ch 5-7    read by 5/6 (group research paper assigned)
Ch 8-9    read by 5/8
Ch 10-13 read by 5/13
Ch 14-16 read by 5/16
Ch 17-22 read by 5/20 (group research paper due)

Weekly Agenda 4.29-5.3

The Things They Carried By Tim O'Brien

NOTE! You should be well on your way to finishing your Independent Reading Book.  Instead of 500 pages, this semester only 350 will be required.  Next week, I will likely have an SSR day or two where I will expect you to bring in your book, read, and write in your journal ALL period.  You will receive credit for having youf book and for having read at least 1/2 of it.
If you haven't already, SIGN UP for your reading presentation.  IN THE NEWS will be optional this semester, not extra credit, just optional.

Review chapter 1
-tangible and intangibles items the soldiers carry
-impression of the story
-purpose of the first chapter
-identify 3 major literary devices
-Multiple Choice practice
-Journal #19: write a Goodbye Letter/What will you carry? (see/hear model)
HW See Reading Schedule; AND finish letter, be prepared to Quaker Share tomorrow.

Quaker Share excerpts from #19

DEAR AMERICA documentary
-excerpts from the book
-prepare to take notes on the movie
SUB TITLE organization for notes:

  1. timeline
  2. geography
  3. homefront
  4. music and culture
HW See Reading Schedule

Multiple Choice practice
Style Focus
-define ambiguity
Discuss ambivalence and apathy of characters.  How do these ideas create a new sense of what it means to fight in war?
HW See Reading Schedule

Reading Quiz!
Excerpts from The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane
-marginalia: mark for what, how, why, short paragraph
-truth of war
Multiple Choice practice
Why are "Enemies" and "Friends" put together?  What is the working structure of the novel, the chronology, the juxtaposition of specific themes and stories.
HW See Reading Schedule

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekly Agenda 4.22-4.26



Staples/Ascher Timed Writing
HW Make sure you have complete Journal #18 (if you have already turned in your journal, complete #18 on a separate sheet of paper and plan on stapling/taping it in later).

Reveiw #18
Define Memoir as a genre
-controversy and content

See Reading Schedule.  Read Chapter 1; in notes, make a list of tangible and intangible items soldiers carry.


-write a "Goodbye Letter" (listen to sample)
Watch Dear America documentary

Sunday, April 14, 2013

UPDATED (WEDNESDAY) Weekly Agenda 4.15-4.19

AP Practice Week

AP Practice Test Returned:
-Review multiple choice
--reminder, types of Qs
Group Norming
-Review Synthesis, Argument, and Rhetoric Essays
--look at specific scoring guides
--read through samples, explanations and collegeboard notes
--read and grade essays (2 scores per essay if possible)
Individual Score Calculators
-input approx. totals and estimate an AP Lang. score
HW Read Ascher and Staples Essays, marginalia, complete m/c
AND, Parody Project due Thursday/Friday

...continue AP Practice norming
SAVE FOR NEXT WEEK: Ascher/Staples Timed Writing: rhetorical analysis
-Compare/Contrast "On Compassion" and "Just Walk on By: Black Men and Public Space"

Parody Project presentations
Return Their Eyes and get Things Carried
HW Go to the following site:

Look closely at the War Propaganda posters and watch Edwin Starr's "War" lyrics/music.
JOURNAL #18: Create a rhetorical box for one of the posters; AND, write an analysis that identifies Starr's argument.  Include evidence and a discussion of possible opposing views.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Agenda 4.8-4.12

Their Eyes Were Watching God (End of Grading Period-April 26th)

Draft #1 due for Peer Edit Checklist
Final Essay due Monday, April 15th
Review personification in novel
-Iyer essay
-book excerpts: marginalia-quotations and analysis
HW Journal #17: Rewrite 1 paragraph from Gould essay; AND, correct 8 comments from BB essay (view on  Additionally, don't forget to turn in a works cited page for BB in order to receive 5 pts added to your essay grade.

End of Book Review Questions: Pair Work, one sheet per two people, alternate responses.
Parody Assignment and examples
HW Finish Review Questions; catch up on your journal; plan your presentation.

Study Guide
-review as a class
-concept circle


Final Essay due Monday, April 15th to  Note new settings and options.