Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Agenda 3.18-3.22 (Update Over Break)

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Journal #13(?): How do men in Their Eyes reinforce male stereotypes?  How does Janie's complacency placate her men?  And, how does Janie's sexuality allow her to reclaim her life after two repressive marriages?  What role does Tea Cale play in her spiritual/sexual awakening?  All answers must have supporting examples of evidence.
HW See Reading Schedule

-excerpt from Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye
-Berry's essay
--marginalia read-around
HW Journal #14: Does Berry inadvertently set up a critically problematic polarity between light and dark skin African-Americans in the last section of the essay?  Citing evidence from both texts and your own experience, write a paragraph or two on the importance of color in modern America.

Style Analysis Activity:
-style packets
-grammar reminder 1/2 sheet
-consider R. Wrights argument
-analyze Hurston's language and conclude whether or not Wright is right
HW finish style packet

Essay Prompts
Power of Language
-the blues (notes)
-symbolism chart : husbands
Discussion on novel
-power of language
-figurative language

-Read your independent book: complete two independent format journal entries, #15 and #16
-have a complete rough draft of your essay the Monday you return
-Write your Their Eyes essay, due the Friday you return.

Week After Break
-Peer Edit
-Parody Assignment
-End of book review questions
-Study Guide and Book Test

After Their Eyes
Timed Writing: Contrast essays through rhetorical devices