Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Agenda Jan 14-18

Oratory and Rhetoric

Check Signatures
In groups, continue working on posters. 
Present by stating "the what," "the how," and "the why."
Collect Grps, Speeches with Rhetorical Boxes and check glossary entries.
HW Mimic Jefferson's "truths and rights" (pp305-306) as they might apply to SaMOHI students.  
Note: Jefferson's "truths and rights" refer to his complaints against the King. DUE Tomorrow

Seating Chart and Course Outline
Review Journal #1
Pair Share review Rhet. Box from Declaration and Qs from "I Have a Dream."
-identify "the what" and casually explain how they work.

Billy Budd, Sailor by Herman Melville
Pass out texts (please donate $5 if you can afford to compensate for some of Ms. Stevens' out-of-pocket  school expenses)
-assignment for every chapter

  • 3-level questions
  • comments
  • circle unknown words
  • definitions
  • summary
  • remark on rhetorical devices
  • remark on diction, syntax (tropes and schemes) and characterization
  • underline passages you understand and circle those you don't

Introduction to story
-background and bio on Melville
-ship jargon
-historical context:
-essential question: How do we maintain legal exceptions and still maintain order? 
HW FOR THURSDAY: read Chapter 1 and complete 3 kinds of marginalia.  Book check tomorrow.

Book Check
Lit. Rings
Vocabulary List
-quiz next week
Brief Characterization Summary
-write short summaries using appropriate vocabulary words
--share out
HW See reading schedule

-questions and logic
Journal #2: McGraw-Hill Reader, read "The Penalty of Death" (pp85) and answer Composition questions #1-3, Rhetoric #5&6, and Write #1 (instead of an entire essay, write a long, thoughtful paragraph).
-opinion on the continuum
HW Finish #2

2-corner debate