Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekly Agenda 1.28-2.1 (FRIDAY UPDATE)

Billy Budd, Sailor

Review Questions 1-15 Worksheet
Review Argumentation terms and structure
Reading Comprehension Check
Additional sources...
HW see reading schedule; Vocab Quiz Wednesday on 10-19
AND, movie permission slips

Vocab Quiz 10-19
Book Check 10-19
HW See Reading Schedule

Thomas Paine excerpt
-rhetorical box
JOURNAL # 3 (complete for HW)
"Letter from Birmingham Jail"
-excerpts. Rhetorical questions 2, 6, 10; Writing #2 in Lang & Comp book.
HW See Reading Schedule
AND, independent book sign up TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY; course outline signatures and movie permission slips due TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY as well.
AND, read through 23 for MONDAY.

SAVE FOR NEXT WEEK: Argument Essay Packet
-introduction to the assignment
-generating a thesis, post-it peer response