Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekly Agenda 1/22-1/25

Billy Budd, Sailor

Check Chapters 2-5
-review plot, action, characterization, historical context
Review Chapters 1-15 Question sheet, do all questions pertaining to 1-5.
Review #2: Mencken/King Questions
Begin 2-corner debate t-graph
-pros and cons of capital punishment
-organize and identify arguments to appeal to pathos, ethos, logos
HW See reading schedule

Vocab quiz 1-9
-new vocab list for next WED
Characterization of Captain Vere
Opinion on the continuum
HW See reading schedule

Argument Terms and Structure: packet
2-corner debate
HW See reading schedule

Check Chapters 6-9
Work on Chapters 1-15 Question sheet, through chapter 9
More about Argument Essay writing.
HW See reading schedule