Monday, January 7, 2013

Spring Semester 2013!

Oratory and Rhetoric

Return Papers
-log essays into portfolio
-mid-year portfolio review
Review Formats: Journal, Rhet. Box, Glossary Entry, etc.
Define oratory
NO HW, but bring your rings to class tomorrow

Introduce, Define and Review terms for the Art of Oratory
HW Read and annotate Leith's article

Sam Leith's FT article "Obama's Oratory"
-print and annotate article
-complete GRP (Guided Reading Response)
HW Via link (see below) choose one of the four speeches, print it out, annotate and complete a Rhetorical Box for it.  You can create the box on the back of the print-out.
-one of Obama's Speeches (only choose from the list below), annotated

-bring your literary terms rings

In groups, choose a graphic organizer that visually organizes the information from your speech on a poster.
Individually, complete glossary entries for all of the rhetorical/oratory terms you identified in the speech.
Presentations MONDAY.
HW complete 3 glossary entries on terms you identified in your speech, for Monday.

McGraw Hill Reader: 
What is the American Dream p304
JOURNAL #1 due Tuesday
"The Declaration of Independence" p305 AND complete a rhetorical box
  "I have A Dream" p309 answer question Rhetoric #3 for Comparisons #1 (p313)