Sunday, November 25, 2012

Correction: Weekly Agenda 11.26-11.30

Review Glossary Entries
-create poster entries
More literary terms!
HW 1 more glossary entry

Read "The Humble Comma"
-create an AP style multiple choice question:
-swap and answer question
Freewrite: Journal #13: No punctuation.  Letter to a place you would like to travel.  Now, apply punctuation: commas, periods, semi-colons, colons, em dashes (we'll review), exclamations points, questions marks, etc.
HW continue Journal #12: Write a descriptive sentence about your family when it travels.  Just one sentence.  Rewrite that same sentence (don't change a word) twice using different punctuation each time.  Be prepared to share.

Assignment: The Travel Brochure
-create a brochure for your ideal trip
-it can be one or multiple destinations
-include: flight, carry ons, travel partners, itinerary, local hot spots, eats, local lore, music, books, clothes, length, time of departure, etc.
-note: your destination can be real or creative!
Brainstorm and design
HW Get permission slips signed by Monday
AND, Brochures due Next WED, Dec 5th
AND, Journal #14, McGraw-Hill: Amy Tan p495 "The Language of Discretion"
Comp., #1, 3; Rhetoric #1, 2, 3; Write #1
DUE TOMORROW for review

Review Tan's "Language of Discretion"
-create AP style multiple choice question:
-swap and answer question
HW Work on Travel Pamphlet

Notes on viewing and interpreting film
-language: film glossary
HW Work on Travel Pamphlet
AND, Journal #15 Independent Reading Format

"Lost in Translation" by Sofia Coppola
Synthesis returned
Iyer's "When WOrlds COllide"
Pollan's "Unhappy Meals"
NY Times Mag.
Food and Culture Reader excerpts
AP Multiple Choice Practice: Sanders to Rushdie
Jim Haynes