Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekly Agenda 10.22-10.26

The Crucible

Finish watching Act II
-Background notes
HW Journal #8: Independent Reading Format
Journal #9: SAMO WitchHunt

Share excerpts from WitchHunt
Prepare to watch
-Morrow and
Watch excerpt from Good Night and Good Luck
-compare McCarthyism to The Crucible
Digital Assignment
-find a source related to McCarthyism and create a digital annotation: power point, or something more creative?
HW Begin research for digital annotation, due next Friday, Nov 2nd.
AND, finish reading the play.

Discuss Act III
Watch Act III
Conversations for II and III
HW Continue working on digital annotation.

Finish Film
Fishbowl Seminar: see essential Questions
"Why I wrote the Crucible"
Read excerpts from Salem reader
-Dorcas Good