Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekly Agenda 9/10-9/14

The Grapes of Wrath

Hand back papers
Nonfiction Book List (check out Amazon Reviews)
California history as it relates to GoW
Read essay on Didion work
-passage imitation
HW Final Essay due this evening to by 11:59; bring in hard copy with rough draft tomorrow.

-early release-
GOW Vocabulary list
-concept circles
Steinbeck's Nobel Acceptance speech
-SOAPSTone (finish for HW)
HW Journal #4 (journal format)

Review Journal
Listen to Woody Guthrie's song "Tom Joad"
-reflect and apply to GOW
HW McGrawHill: Read Steinbeck's "American and the Land."  Write annotations on 2 post-its, bring to class.
See tomorrow's HW to "get ahead."

Journal #5: In groups of 3-4, students will share annotations and then answer questions at the end of essay, page 671: Comprehension #1 & 2; Rhetoric #1, 2, & 6; Writing #1 (1-2 paragraphs).  Groups may discuss and have similar answers, but each individual must write their responses in their journal.
HW Consider the definitions of deductive versus inductive, in journal #5 decide whether or not Steinbeck uses deductive or inductive logic.
AND, review GOW chapters 22, 26, & 30.
AND, study for vocabulary quiz tomorrow (15 min).
Book TEST next Thursday (vocab, OPTIC, short answer essay Qs)

Vocabulary Quiz
Review Lit. Terms (rings)
HW Complete glossary entry on persona

Rhetorical Box
GOW Test