Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekly Agenda 10/1-10/5 UPDATED

Conventions in Argumentation

--grades will be posted Wednesday--

Monday & Tuesday
Review syllogism and enthymeme
Toulmin Method
-Claim, Data/Reasons, and Warrant
-rebuttal and counterargument
Compare formal and informal logic.  How is the Toulmin method applicable to every day situations.
Lit. Rings

DISCUSS Bennett Essay

Everything's an Argument
Notes and Lit. Rings:
--Appeals to Emotion
--Appeals to Logic
--Appelas to Ethics
HW Write two glossary entries in your lit. rings on two new terms of your choice.  Make sure the terms are from the Conventions of Argumentation unit.

Wednesday & Thursday
Review fallacies: In groups, with templates, design and color a cartoon that conveys a fallacy, think The New Yorker cartoons. 
Present to the class.
Self-grade glossary entries.
HW Write a formal, typed letter to Bennett, which identifies the flaws in his argument and offers a rebuttal per the Toulmin Method.  You may want to imagine what his counterargument would be when brainstorming your rebuttal. DUE next FRIDAY

-Read Sample Bennett Letter
Background on the play and author
Salem Village Timeline

HW Research Project due October 12th to by 11:59; hardcopy due MONDAY.

Read excerpt from Jonathan Edwards "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God."
-record excerpts and label which fallacy they fall under
-record rhetorical devices, state why they might have been effective for an audience
-connect it to The Crucible
Background to The Crucible
-definitions of "crucible"
-Puritans and belief (need for 'devil' in society, a scapegoat)
The Paradox
HW Read Act 1, pages 3-8 and answer the following questions:
1) The tragedy in the Salem community "developed from a Paradox." What is the paradox?
2) Analyze "But all organization is and must be grounded on the idea of exclusion and prohibition, just as two objects cannot occupy the same space" (7).

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Agenda 9/24

The Grapes of Wrath

GOW Book Test
HW Sources due THURSDAY
AND, Create a Works Cited page  (at least 5 sources) DUE FRIDAY

Share out Journal
Review Requirements for GOW research
-annotated bibliography
-outline; practice
HW Create an outline for MONDAY about your topic
AND, Journal #8: McGraw Hill -Read W.J. Bennett on p443, answer Comp. #s 2&3, Rhetoric #6, and Write #1 for THURSDAY

Local Holiday

Source Check
Review Bennett piece
Lit. Rings:
HW Works Cited due Friday; Outline due Monday

Check Works Cited page
Pair Work: Glossary Entries
Conventions of Argumentation
HW Outline due Monday

More fallacies
Letter to Bennett
The Crucible

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekly Agenda 9/18-9/21

The Grapes of Wrath

Review Chapters 22, 26 and 30
Introduce Rhetorical Box
-how does this format move beyond SOAPSTone?
-whole group practice
Set up Groups for tomorrow
HW Begin Review for GOW BOOK TEST Friday

Groups: Work on Rhetorical Box
-identify argument, persona, purpose, audience
-create poster
HW Journal #6: complete Rhetorical Box on an ad. of your choice.

-finish group work, present
Introduce GOW Research Annotated Bibliography
HW Study
AND, isolate topic.

Review Chapter 22, 26, 30 and Nobel Speech
And, consider topic for GOW Research

HW Complete Works Cited Page

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekly Agenda 9/10-9/14

The Grapes of Wrath

Hand back papers
Nonfiction Book List (check out Amazon Reviews)
California history as it relates to GoW
Read essay on Didion work
-passage imitation
HW Final Essay due this evening to by 11:59; bring in hard copy with rough draft tomorrow.

-early release-
GOW Vocabulary list
-concept circles
Steinbeck's Nobel Acceptance speech
-SOAPSTone (finish for HW)
HW Journal #4 (journal format)

Review Journal
Listen to Woody Guthrie's song "Tom Joad"
-reflect and apply to GOW
HW McGrawHill: Read Steinbeck's "American and the Land."  Write annotations on 2 post-its, bring to class.
See tomorrow's HW to "get ahead."

Journal #5: In groups of 3-4, students will share annotations and then answer questions at the end of essay, page 671: Comprehension #1 & 2; Rhetoric #1, 2, & 6; Writing #1 (1-2 paragraphs).  Groups may discuss and have similar answers, but each individual must write their responses in their journal.
HW Consider the definitions of deductive versus inductive, in journal #5 decide whether or not Steinbeck uses deductive or inductive logic.
AND, review GOW chapters 22, 26, & 30.
AND, study for vocabulary quiz tomorrow (15 min).
Book TEST next Thursday (vocab, OPTIC, short answer essay Qs)

Vocabulary Quiz
Review Lit. Terms (rings)
HW Complete glossary entry on persona

Rhetorical Box
GOW Test

Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekly Agenda 9/4-9/7

Baseline essay: The Glass Castle

Rhetorical Devices Flow Chart

  • group work close-r reading
  • share annotations/explications
  • working theses
HW Typed Draft due Friday.  Final Essay due to Monday, Sept. 10th by 11:59pm, bring final hard copy Tuesday.
Bring journals tomorrow.

Dialectical Journal Entries on close reading
-pair and individual sharing
NONFiction Book List
-brief book talk

Peer Review Drafts
  • check for WHAT, HOW and WHY (see Flow Chart)
  • formatting
  • g/m; spelling and such
California history as it relates to GoW
Steinbeck's style
-passage imitation
HW Final essays due MONDAY