Monday, March 19, 2012

The Things They Carried Agenda

March 19-23
March 26-30
April 16-20
April 23-27
Mon-Tues: Their Eyes Unit Test
H.W. 2nd Draft typed, due Thursday.
Wed: Review Ascher/Staples Essays
-Work on corrections
-Discuss Jhumpa Lahiri’s “Life’s Sentences”
Get Books!

The Things They Carried
Thurs: Define Memoir writing
-controversy and content
Journal: #8 Drafted, write a “Goodbye Letter” to your loved ones
Reading Schedule
Writing: Peer Edit (focus on style, balancing sentences)
Final Draft due to, March 27th.
HW: Read Chapter 1 and complete “Characterization Chart”
Make a list of tangible vs. intangible.
Fri: Review Chapter 1
Watch Dear America documentary

Mon-Tues: Finish documentary
Question: What would you carry?
-notes on Vietnam War
----music and culture
Tuesday is a Minimum Day because of Open House.
Wed: Vocabulary-create Concept Circles
Journal: #9 Conversations #1-share out
HW: M/C practice-due Friday
Thurs: Style focus, define ambiguity in writing. 
Discuss ambivalence and apathy in characters.  How do these ideas create a new sense of what it means to fight in war?
Fri: review Things Carried m/c
Refresh: 3 types of writing for AP, rules and strategies.
Preview and background of Civil war:
HW: Read The Red Badge of Courage  over break, see blog for Journal Qs #s 10, 11 & 12.
Reading Quiz when you return.

Mon: Red Badge Quiz
HW: Handout
Tues: Journal: #13 Conversations #2-share out
Close-Up: The truth of war.
Why are “Enemies” and “Friends” put together.  What is the working structure of the novel, the chronology, the juxtaposition of specific themes and stories.
HW: M/C practice
Wed: “The Song of Tra Bong” What is the context of war for females. 
Handout: Criticism –the feminist lens.
What is O’Brien trying to prove through Mary Anne.
Thurs: Seminar: Role of Women: Style and symbolism
Fri: Journal: #15 Conversations #3-share out
CST Testing Week

Mon/Tues: “Dulce Et Decorum Est” and “Ambush”
-realism vs. romanticism
Journals Due

Wed/Fri: M/C practice

AP Prep
The Great Gatsby
-close reading analysis
-research paper
---annotated bibliography, outline, paper, works cited.