Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break 2012: The Red Badge of Courage


READ The Red Badge of Courage and answer the following questions in your journal. Expect to show me your journal entries for HW credit and expect a reading quiz the day you return.HW DUE APRIL 16th
  • Read The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane: count 150 pages toward your 400 (yes, I reduced the number) required pages for Independent Reading
  • -->3 10 pt Journal Entries, #10, #11, #12
#10-Look up Realism, Naturalism and Existentialism. How does Crane's depiction of war differ from a more romantic portrayal? Record specific language and imagery that suggests that Crane did not agree that war was romantic or something to be celebrated. How is nature (the Universe) seemingly indifferent to the plight of man? Record language. Explain.

#11-What elements of Crane's style help to create a sense of realism? How does Crane achieve pathos? What language supports the sense that war is less about acts of heroism or cowardice and more about ambivalence? How is war personified? What is meant by the ending sentence of Chapter 20, "And they were men."

#12-Read "War is Kind" by Stephan Crane and mark it up for similarities.  In your journal, comment on the common themes, imagery and tone the novel and poem share.
  • Reading Quiz when you return