Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekly Agenda Feb 6-10

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

In-class Timed Writing: Rhetorical Analysis of Gould's "Women's Brains"
HW Acquire and begin reading your independent reading book.  Bring McGraw-Hill reader for the remainder of the week.

Get Books
Introduce foldables
Review points made by Stanton, Tannen, Gould
Freewrite: symbolism of a Barbie doll
Read Atwood's "The Female Body", p216
and answer rhetoric #1 & #7
HW Answer above questions in JOURNAL, #2
Read p223, Angier's "Why Men Don't LAst: Self-Destruction as a Way of Life"and answer the following prompt (add to Journal #2): 
The Cult of Masculinity
Are "sentimental notions of manhood" prevalent in society today?  What are they?  Do our young men feel pressured by them, do your fathers?  Are they essential to our survival as a species?

Record points about Atwood and Angier in foldables
Review Atwood and Angier: share responses
Read McClain's "Don't call me Mr. Mom" (handout)
-connect to previous essays
Historical timelines of gender expectations
HW Add to Journal #2: Read p219, Theroux's "Being a Man" and answer Rhetoric #1 & #6 and Write #2 (this last questions can be a long, creative freewrite) 

Quaker Share
Add to rings Elements of Humor:
If time, read ONION piece and note the humorous elements at play.
HW Access and Read "The Diary of Adam and Eve" by Mark Twain
-note, not only the content, but what drives the humor: how are both Adam and Eve characterized? How does the diary format add to the piece?  What reader knowledge and expectations does Twain work from?
HW Read "The Diary of Adam and Eve" by Mark Twain
Answer the following questions (Journal Entry #3):
-note similarities between 'women's issues' essays (cite evidence)
-why does Twain blame the fall on Adam
-what is meant by Eve's explanation of loving Adam (p352)
-what kind of audience might Twain have in mind and why?
-how is this piece humorous, identify elements? -is the message compromised because of the humor?
-how does Twain's choice of form, the diary, enhance his message?

Bio on Twain: focus on Paradox (see rings)
3-Chair Review 
Introduce Hurston: Style Analysis
-see reading schedule