Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekly Agenda Feb 21-24

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Review Style Handouts -turn in.
-explication: figurative language
-connect to Their Eyes: how do images match our understanding of the black experience during reconstruction and the Harlem Renaissance?
Practice "telling"
HW See Reading Schedule


Review readings, chapters 2-6
3Q class discussion
Find examples that prove the 'power of language' theme
HW See Reading Schedule,
AND, start to think about In the NEWS
Journal #5: How do men in Their Eyes reinforce male stereotypes?  How does Janie's complacency placate her men?  
For Friday: And, how does Janie's sexuality allow her to reclaim her life after two oppressive marriages?  What role does Tea Cake play in her spiritual/sexual awakening?

Review Harlem Renaissance timeline and key influential characters.
-excerpt from The Bluest Eye
-Berry's Essay
HW Journal #6: Does Berry inadvertently set up a critically problematic polarity between light and dark skin African-Americans in the last section of the essay?  Citing evidence from both texts and your own experience, write a paragraph or two on the importance of color in modern America.

"Telling" day!
-students 'tell' their stories to their class.
HW See Reading Schedule