Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekly Agenda Feb 13-17


1st-get books/4th-share Theroux creative
3-chair review of Twain's "The Diary of Adam and Eve"
-review questions
-insight on style and humor elements

Finish recording terms related to humor

HW Complete a glossary entry on one of the humorous terms
SEE Reading Schedule

Character Analysis: pp35-36 excerpt about Jim, annotate and connect to caricature.
Bio/background on Twain: the paradox
Quiz: How is Samuel Clemen's life a paradox?  Use your notes and write a thoughtful paragraph.
Talk up "Huckleberry Finn" and the controversy surrounding it.
HW See Reading Schedule

-story-telling as art
(Optional Synthesis Practice?)
Twain's characters: Huck, Tom Sawyer, Jim, etc.

Perspectives of Europeans and African-Americans in late 1800s
-caricature and stereotypes: the minstrel
-evidence in Huck Finn

"Telling" presentation due next Friday, the 24th.

HW Read Tannen (McGraw-Hill), p228 "Sex, Lies, and Conversation"
And argue that Tannen's premise is true or not with personal experiences.  How can you apply her ideas to your own relationships?  Find examples of anecdotes, statistics, appeal to authority, and definition.  Which example is most convincing for you and why?

Hurston Bio/background

Close Reading: Their Eyes chapter 1
Style Analysis (handout)
-word choice
-Biblical allusions

Power of Language
-gossip "the porch"
-prayer language
-connect to Tannen
-folk groups/folklore

Work on style handout

Alvin Ailey and Brer Rabbit

Alvin Ailey: Revelations

Alvin Ailey Dance: Wade in the Water

Disney's Brer Rabbit

Background on Joe
HW Watch Brer Rabbit excerpt and draw conclusions based on the stereotypes and folklore.
AND, finish style handout

Reflections on Brer Rabbit
-Disney's role in perpetuating stereotypes

The Harlem Renaissance (notes)
-timeline and key influential characters

HW See reading schedule.  
HW Print Poems: Bennett and Hughes poetry-connect to Their Eyes and identify figurative language. Create glossary entry for figurative language type.