Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekly Agenda Jan 30- Feb 3

Oratory and Rhetoric

Check Signatures
In groups, continue working on posters.
Present by stating "the what," "the how," and "the why."
Collect Grps, Speeches with Rhetorical Boxes and check glossary entries.
HW Mimic Jefferson's "truths and rights" (pp305-306) as they might apply to SaMOHI students.  Note: Jefferson's "truths and rights" refer to his complaints against the King.

Quaker Share rewrite/mimic
Pair Share review Rhet. Box from Declaration and Qs from "I Have a Dream."
-identify "the what" and casually explain how they work.
HW Read Stanton's Declaration and answer m/c

In-class, answer essay questions regarding Stanton piece
-share and compare
Review m/c questions
HW Read Tannen Essay and answer m/c and #2 long answer

Overhead, comment on images of women in America
-connect to Stanton essay
Review Tannen
Read Gould piece and answer m/c

Review Gould m/c
Discussion Questions
-cultural vs biological determinism
HW Review Rhetorical Elements in "Women's Brains"
Next Week
In-Class Essay 45 minutes
Responding to Gould essay
for AP grade